Additional Reports and File Evidence on the Investigations- PAGE 14

A vast, extensive, set of evidence documents and investigation reports have
now been filed in dozens of lawsuits relating to the CARGATE incident. The
following is a small sample of items reporters have been able to acquire.
Items will be added as they become available. You can source original
documents online, in many cases, with a keyword search.
These documents represent only a small percentage of available documents. They were selected by reporters as the easiest for the public to understand in a rapid review. Law enforcement investigators are understood to have a far more extensive set. These documents confirm that either: 1.) Organized crime was engaged in by the parties  or, 2.) one of the most criminally negligent programs in domestic history was operated by DOE staff and associates.
So the law and the public must decide: Was the ATVM/LGP program run by criminals or assholes? The evidence clearly shows that it is was one, or the other.INV366 INV367 INV368 INV369-1 INV369-2 INV369-3 INV369-4 INV369-5 INV369-6 INV370 INV371-1 INV371-2 INV372 INV373 INV374 INV375 INV376 INV377 INV378 INV379 INV380 INV381-1 INV381-2 INV382 INV383 INV384-1 INV384-2 INV385 INV386 INV387-1 INV387-2 INV388-1 INV388-2 INV388-3 INV388-4 INV388-5 INV388-6 INV388-7 INV388-8 INV388-9 INV388-10 INV388-11 INV388-12 INV388-13 INV388-14 INV388-15 INV388-16 INV388-17 INV388-18 INV388-19 INV388-20 INV388-21 INV388-22 INV389-1 INV389-2 INV390-1 INV390-2 INV390-3 INV390-4 INV390-5 INV391 INV392 INV393 INV394-1 INV394-2 INV394-3 INV395-1 INV395-2 INV396 INV397 INV398 INV399 INV400 INV401-1 INV401-2 INV402-1 INV402-2 INV402-3 INV402-4 INV402-5 INV403 INV405 INV406 INV407-1 INV407-2 INV407-3 INV408-1 INV408-2 INV408-3 INV408-4 INV409 INV410 INV411-1 INV411-2 INV412 INV413 INV414 INV415 INV416 INV417 INV418 INV419 INV420 INV421 INV422 INV423 INV424 INV425 INV426-1 INV426-2 INV426-3 INV426-4 INV427-1 INV427-3 INV427-4 INV428-1 INV428-2 INV428-3 INV428-4 INV428-5 INV428-6 INV428-7 INV428-8 INV428-9 INV429-1 INV429-2 INV429-3 INV429-4 INV429-11 INV429-12 INV429-13

(More coming…)