Additional Reports and File Evidence on the Investigations- PAGE 13

A vast, extensive, set of evidence documents and investigation reports have
now been filed in dozens of lawsuits relating to the CARGATE incident. The
following is a small sample of items reporters have been able to acquire.
Items will be added as they become available. You can source original
documents online, in many cases, with a keyword search:

INV307 INV308-1 INV308-2 INV308-3 INV308-4 INV309-2 INV309-3 INV309-4 INV310-1 INV310-2 INV310-3 INV311-1 INV311-2 INV312-1 INV312-2 INV313-1 INV313-2 INV314 INV315 INV315-1 INV315-2 INV315-3 INV315-4 INV316-1 INV316-2 INV317-1 INV317-2 INV318-1 INV318-2 INV318-3 INV319-1 INV319-2 INV320-1 INV320-2 INV320-3 INV321 INV322-1 INV322-2 INV323-1 INV323-2 INV324-1 INV324-2 INV324-3 INV325-1 INV325-2 INV326-1 INV326-2 INV326-3 INV327-1 INV327-3 INV327-4 INV327-5 INV327-6 INV327-7 INV327-8 INV327-9 INV327-10 INV327-11INV329 INV330 INV331 INV332 INV333-1 INV333-2 INV333-3 INV334 INV335 INV336 INV337-1 INV337-2 INV337-3 INV338-1 INV338-2 INV338-3 INV338-4 INV339-1 INV339-2 INV340-1 INV340-2 INV340-3 INV341 INV342-1 INV342-2 INV343 INV344 INV345-1 INV345-2 INV345-3 INV345-4 INV346-1 INV346-3 INV347 INV348 INV349-1 INV349-2 INV349-3 INV350 INV352 INV353 INV354-1 INV354-2 INV354-3 INV354-4 INV355 INV356-1 INV356-2 INV357-1 INV357-2 INV358 INV359 INV360-1 INV360-2 INV361-6 INV362-3 INV362-4 INV362-5 INV363-1 INV363-2 INV364 INV365

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