A New Internet Arrives: Built As A MESH NET in spite of nay sayers and Comcast Troll shills


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Basically wireless routers can be used to link computers together. It’s the exact same thing as an internet, it’s just a way to implement an internet that isn’t being used very much right now. There are a couple of non-profits working to set up meshnets in large cities, and meshnets often pop up in oppressive regimes during times when the national internet is shut down.

So, what’s the difference between our current internet and a meshnet internet?

Our current internet model requires us to sign on to an ISP. These are the people who you pay your internet bill to. All internet traffic is routed through that ISP, and different ISPs have large cable systems that connect each to each other so you can see what is hosted on another ISP’s servers. Basically it has a dendritic pattern. The end users are the tips of branches where, ISP’s make up the large branches, and the NSA makes up the trunk of the internet. All information flows through a central point.

With a meshnet you connect directly to someone else’s computer via their wireless router. Each computer in the network acts as a node that traffic can flow through. It makes more sense to think of this as an ugly uneven spiderweb. Strands are going every which way, and there are multiple paths to go through to get to your information. There is no central hub that all traffic goes through, so if someone wants to spy on you they have to track you down and do it the old fashioned way.



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This actually sounds practical as fuck.It wouldn’t surprise me if this exploded in about 3-15 years when shit really starts to kick off.

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A network in which everyone is connected to everybody.




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This looks like a job for……… Somebody else.



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There is a revolving door from Google, Facebook, and the other tech companies <> Federal government. That is the problem.



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Who owns Facebook and Google? Zionists.

And much more… They know basically all of the top websites and tech companies, banks and 96% of the media.. And much more.



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Like the Jews made up the mafia? good point amalek.



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They did. The mafia’s regulatory board Murder Inc was mostly comprised of Jews. A lot of ” Italians mobsters” were Jewish. Look it up.



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https://archive.is/NalOL this applies… Maybe it is the answer.



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Or sneakernet



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impossible. You can’t make a functional meshnet that will stay up under scruitiny of the law.



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I think you can. Why not?

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Voat’s very own Meshnet sub: https://voat.co/v/meshnet



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Mesh would not save us from attack or censor or…Great alt? Sure! Viable if we were to become considered a “real” threat to existing power structures? Not at all.



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It can happen, it has happened. Here is a story of it happening – http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/11/how-a-group-of-neighbors-created-their-own-internet-service/ It will usually happen in smaller towns first then grow organically. I even saw a mesh texting set up for phones that is being crowd funded. I can’t wait for decentralization to occur.



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I won’t hook up a server, storage, or link it up to my internet connection, but I’d plug in a spare router and set it up to move data along. That means I’d be what, a relay or connection point but not a node? I haven’t looked into it very much because I doubt anyone within range of my router would be part of the same thing so I’d basically just be broadcasting interference.



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We’d need to start in the centre of town/city and expand outwards. Start where the population density is the highest and it will naturally spread out from there.