Why Are There Suddenly So Many Race Wars In The Modern World? Thank John Podesta

John Podesta, The DNC dirty tricks operative, came up with this idea that the Democrats could re-direct government expenditures, of your tax money, into John Podesta's friend's bank accounts.

Podesta knew, from his Cleantech scam, that he organized, that you could exclusively get all the federal tax dollars in his buddies Goldman Sachs accounts if Obama only created laws to benefit his friends.

Working on Podesta's favorite messaging concept that "...All Republicans are old white Colonel Sanders-type men..", he pushed a concept, along with Debbie Wasserman, to import non-whites to the U.S.

Podesta believes that all non-whites that come to America "...will always be poor..." and that "...the poor always vote Democrat"

Podesta and the USAID Agency sent teams of people called "AID Workers" and socialism-oriented PR workers to the third world nations to hint that everybody should come to America and get free stuff.

As if that idea was bad enough, it suddenly got worse.

ISIS heard about the idea and decided to get the Middle East to move to England and Paris and raise hell, basing off of Podesta's immigrate-for socialism marketing to flood a region with "deplorables".

Iran, Russia and Chinese social media spy contractors turned it into a "Why doesn't Israel allow any black people in Israel" issue to tick off Jewish business monopolies.

Then Republican operatives fired back with the "It's OK to Be White" and "Transgenders are mentally ill" efforts as punishment.

Then the average people started paying attention when they saw that most of the murders and crimes were being committed by immigrants that Podesta wanted to be kept poor.

Poor people sometimes do vote Democrat but poor people kill and rape more than they vote Democrat. So now the average people see these hordes of rapers heading towards their white picket fences.

So...when the Millennial Civil War begins. Blame John Podesta!