Silicon Valley Mafia's Attempt To Bias All News To The Democrats Has Resulted In Death Spiral For All Silicon Valley Companies

By Cilea Brown

Silicon Valley is run by far-left Democrats who order their HR departments to only hire far left Democrats.

Most of the world is not on the side of Silicon Valley's politics. So..every time Silicon Valley tries to control the news their way, a portion of the global population uses it against them.

At this rate, the counter-propaganda will exhaust every lefty approach that Silicon Valley could try, within a few years.

Take for example the millionth attempt by Facebook to control the news:

The spread of non-Democrat news on Facebook's WhatsApp is so rampant in India (where Facebook gets all of it's programmers) that Facebook has resorted to an old-fashioned method of trying to fight it: placing ads in physical newspapers. The app’s design likely influenced the company’s decision, since WhatsApp messages are encrypted, blocking everyone aside for the sender and receiver from viewing the content.

"Question information that upsets you", says WhatsApp's full-page advertisements. Clearly the solution to declining newspaper ad revenues in India will come from how we tackle our digital fake news crisis.

WhatsApp was warned last week by the Indian government about abuses on the platform after a spate of lynchings reportedly caused by rumors circulating through messages on the app, which is the most popular messaging service in the country. Facebook recently took out newspaper ads in the US as well, along with TV spots and a campaign on mass transit services, but those have more been to defend the company amid the Russian election controversy and Cambridge Analytica scandal. The Indian ad appears to be more of a public service announcement, educating users how to spot fake news.

The company has tried many methods of fighting misinformation on Facebook, some more misguided than others. Still, the battle is made easier by the fact that content on Facebook is visible to its administrators, fact-checkers, and that it can be hidden from the News Feed by the platform’s algorithm.

On WhatsApp, moderation is much harder. Messages are encrypted, and groups are limited to 256 people, so it’s hard to assess when a piece of information goes viral, Poynter notes. Organizations thatindependently fact-check on WhatsApp have been popping up in countries where the service is popular. They function as accounts which respond to messages about instances of misinformation circulating on the platform. Facebook, Poynter says, is working with some of them.

The ad, which Reuters reports will be placed in regional newspapers in English and in Hindi, also announces that WhatsApp is rolling out a feature that allows you to see if a message was forwarded, and not originally created by the sender. Facebook wasn’t immediately available to comment on when it would be available. It is the epitome of ludicrous Silicon Valley hype that Facebook has to resort to newspaper ads to try to tell people to ignore any news that is not 'Democrat approved' on the internet.

Every single Silicon Valley company wants to push pro-Hillary Clinton and Anti-Trump but the rest of the world...not so much.

The world has dedicated itself to over-coming, jacking-up, counter-measuring and defeating every attempt that Silicon Valley tries to deploy to defeat freedom-of-information.

The blue haired tattooed transgendered hippies at Facebook, Google and Twitter will forever try to push their echo-chamber brainwashing on the rest of the world. The rest of the world will push back and I bet Facebook breaks first!