- The story of Google's rape of modern society

By Dawn Eason

Google is the bastard abortion that resulted from the inbred rape of the CIA and Scientology. Google, though, became something far, far worse than either of them alone.

Google is a cult. Yet everyone involved at Google will deny this until their dying day.

Google is a spy organization. Yet everyone involved at Google will deny this until their dying day.

The vast state of denial by the naive Moonies that work at Google brings to mind a Jim Jones or David Koresh kind of blind obedience to some sort of BS goat worshiping religion. The starry eyed hyper millennial children that Google sucks into their web are embedded into a bubble of holier-than-thee tech wonder that is a facade of buzz-words and rationalizations for the twisted evil that they perform for their bosses.

Everyone that works at, and runs, Google is delusional beyond comprehension. If you see no other movie this year, watch Tom Hanks in THE CIRCLE. You can find it on Amazon, Hulu and those on-line movie sites. It details the manic psychological manipulations that Google, Facebook, Uber and Apple employees are subjected to in their bosses demonic drive to control society, politics and global ideology. Another good reference is the TV series WESTWORLD, in which the robot employees are killed if they start to become self-aware. Imagine what would happen if Google’s robot-like employees became self-aware of the brain-washing they are subjected to by Eric Schmidt?

Some governments battle “the Communist threat which seeks to consume the world...” when their time and money would be better spent battling “..the Googlentology threat which seeks to control society and politics..”.

In fact Google-Apple-Facebook-Twitter’s bank roll to push their ideological agenda is ten times larger than that of those trying to push Communism. The biggest threat is clearly the bigger cash bucket that the Silicon Valley tech Cartel has amassed from it’s corrupt monopolizations.

Google actually copies the Scientology and Moonie indoctrination and life-control playbook for it’s staff. Never mistake Google’s little fairyland campus as “fun and playful”. It is the Gingerbread House that is being used to vacuum little Hansel and Gretel into the oven. Google cannibalizes the minds and souls that get sucked into it.

When confronted with these facts, Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt laugh and joke around about it because they have no fear of being interdicted. They know that they are a private government that is more powerful than any state in the union and has more disposable cash than the entire nation. They are sitting in the same cat bird seat that Chairman Mao, Hitler and other despots once sat in. The FBI, SEC, FTC and other groups, that are supposed to shut down crimes like Google, are owned by Google insiders. The FCC finally broke free and made a slight net-neutrality ruling against Google but, in the long run, it will barely make a dent in Google’s power.

If you allow Google to exist, you are part of the problem. If you worship a religion, your doctrine is telling you that Google is the Anti-Christ. If you are a parent you should know that Google is a mental infection seeking to rot your children’s minds. If you are a politician, Google is after your job. If you are a government, Google wants to overthrow you. If you are a plain ‘ole consumer Google is raping your privacy, your news and your choices. There is no possible reason that you should support the existence of Google unless you are already a victim of their brain-washing.

The devout, the parents, the politicians, the governments and all consumers would seem to have a pretty good reason to want Google to cease to exist.

The argument that “Google is secretly the CIA” is a BS reason to leave them alone. No bad guy uses Google. They all believe Google is the CIA. The only thing Google, if it is the CIA, can now catch are domestic families. Nobody should be scared, intimidated or supportive of Google running domestic spying. That is illicit, illegal and a vast violation of the rights of every human.

There is no reason to allow Google to live. It serves zero positive purpose in society. Every purpose Google engages in is 100% evil, 100% mercenary and 100% a crime against society. Senators Feinstein, Boxer, Harris, Pelosi and Jerry Brown receive bribes from Google, Uber, Facebook and Twitter so they take great lengths to protect Google. Google is on their turf. Google pays them with campaign financing, internet search rigging, news censorship of their adversaries, stock market warrants, hookers for their staff, free advertising and other covert compensation. Those politicians should be voted out just as much as Google should be exterminated. They all serve only the gods of greed and corruption.