For our new fans that are constantly submitting instagrams for us to go after: WE DO NOT DO THIS. SUBMIT YOUR STORY. WE REVIEW AND POST IT. SIMPLE The most common misconception is that the site admins contact the “models”. Our original fans know that this is not how it …

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Jennifer Pamplona former Versace model that’s spent 500k on surgery is now selling poon in Dubai – Agrees to Sheikh’s request

2 days ago 0


“Yo guys check this slag out she is the one that contacted me. She was a Versace model and also on the news for wanning to look like Kardashian’ and her implant exploding check it out here anyways she crazy n very careful ” Wow -TTs

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British Sponsorettes Grace Lily Gil aka @GraceLm1 and Frances Claudia Thorpe aka @fclaudiax agree to fetishes for Dubai Royal

2 weeks ago 0


” hello tag team here we have Grace Mai Lily Gil aka @Grace_mai1 (Now @GraceLm1) and Frances Claudia Thorpe aka @fclaudiax. Grace is a bird from Leeds that claims to be half Brazilian and half British but clearly a lie. She’s from Bawtry. These slags are starting younger every day …

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Farah Therese Noemie Dumurger from the French Alps down to get dirty for quick holiday

February 21, 2019 2


“Farah aka @fahrenheitxiii reached out to me after liking all my photos i didnt pay much attention then she message me. I knew she after my money because she only like the photos of where i am showing off money and cars. ”   “Farah aka @fahrenheitxiii reached out to …

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Anastasiya Von Lemberg – self proclaimed model and Owner of Von Lemberg Luxury Magazine

January 28, 2019 2


“anastasiya von lemberg – self proclaimed model and Owner of Von Lemberg Luxury Magazine, “Personal Shopping”, “Stylist” and  “Make Up artist” based in Marbella, Hamburg, and Dubai gets exposed for what she really does for a living and supporting a disgusting foreplay. Guys your site is a little slow btw never …

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Our backup Instagram account is active. @TagTheSponsorBackUp – all other accounts are fakes.

November 1, 2018 0


As per usual we’ve been deleted for the 50th time now. Go follow Instagram account

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Alexa Julia Castillo from California agreed to eat sponsors ass for a short holiday

September 6, 2018 0


This submission is from fall 2017, we didn’t post since Julia was pregnant at the time we reviewed the story. “This lady @alexajuliaa liked all my photos so I keep it simple and just dm her some money. Love the site keep it up!”

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Instagram Hooker @mayer_kira ‘who offered two traffic officers threesome’ to get out of driving offence and road rage attack is jailed

September 6, 2018 0


Russian model Kira Mayer, 24, has been jailed for 18 months after the officers refused her offer and booked her for the attack and driving without a license An Instagram star has been jailed after reportedly offering two traffic officers a threesome to get her out of a motoring offence …

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Instagram model @sineadmcnamara was found unconscious on a $190 million superyacht in Greece had phoned her mother and brother in tears before her death.

September 6, 2018 0


The Australian instagram model found hanged off the back of a billionaire’s super yacht had called her family in tears just hours before she died, it was revealed today. Sinead McNamara, 20, rang mum Kylie to tell her about an incident with another crew member on board the $190 million …

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Soraya Garcia Punzon and Raquel Juana Amador Benages from Spain down to do some crazy shit for a weekend with a sheik – Camels involved

May 2, 2018 0


” This might be one of the thirstiest submission you guys have received. Check these to birds from spain who were willing to do beastiality for some weekend fun. Both are a little outdated so that might explain. Their instagrams are @raquel.amador_ and @sorypunzon lol they kept begging me to go to …