PayPal is A Compromised Service Working For Spies And Extremist ANTIFA Political Schemes

By Debbie Lind for TechnLit

The bank records of PayPal show that Paypal is paid by DNC and Spy operations to send user data and financial info to nefarious parties.

The PayPal employee and Executive Staff social media postings on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the like, show that 90% of the people that work at PayPal are Hillary Clinton, Obama and Pro-Homosexual fanatics.

PayPal executives will lie to protect their billion dollar Politi-Scam. PayPal executives use all of that windfall cash to buy the most expensive hookers on the planet. Why would they tell the truth and ruin all of that decadence?

PayPal executives are some of the largest financiers of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on Earth!

PayPal has been hacked many times and PayPal executives are covering it up. Remember how Yahoo and Wells and Equifax and Uber, etc all LIED and waited years to tell you that all of your user and financial info was hacked. PayPal is ALSO covering up the fact that all of your stuff has been hacked off of their servers.

This is extra bad because PayPal is inside your credit card records, bank account records and purchasing trends records. They know all of your secrets and can tell your ex-spouse where you have all of your cash. PayPal is able to run around in your bank account. Do You Want That?

Depending on which political party you mention in your social media, PayPal will either enhance or HIDE your online storefront.

Every single person, except maybe one, that has ever worked, or founded PayPal has become a DNC covert financing extremist.

I am a Democrat and even I find the PayPal facts to be horrific and a bane upon society.

This has all been going on very recently. This was pointed out to PayPal years ago; PayPal issued some bogus statements about fixing things and not only have they done nothing but they have doubled down on their madness.

There needs to be a federal and media investigation of PayPal!