Meet The Hackivists Wildest Dirty Trick: "Dousing"

By Defcon Danny

At DefCon we learned of something at the bleeding edge: Dousing. This tactic has already brought down numerous corrupt government bosses.

It works like this.

Right after 9-11, George Bush ordered the hacking of every electronic device on Earth. The chosen method was to place a "backdoor" in every electronic device. Spy groups, largely in Texas, were set-up to accomplish this. They started doing it with Cisco, Intel, Motorola, Juniper Networks, etc.

There were two problems with this plan:

1. Nobody ever told them to stop doing it.

2. Nobody can ever build a back-door that someone else can't pick.

Shortly after this the foreign spies and script kiddies picked the locks.

Instead of making a big deal about it, the kiddies, FSB and China just sat around for over a decade sucking copies of EVERYTHING off of every server in the USA.

Then they ran analysis software on all of the trillions of files to set-up keyword searches.

Then they started trading the files and search tables with each other.

That is all as expected but here is the interesting wrinkle. The foreign spies and the script kiddies now search the news and look for big battles between one side or another and supply all of the insider secret evidence to the side that they want to win.

In some of the biggest investigations going on right now, where do you think the biggest scoops came from?

This is called "Dousing a Chicken" or "Dousing".

You may think you, Mr. Dirty Senator, that deleted all of your sex texts and personal emails from 2005, but you only deleted your copies. A kid in Malaysia has his own copy and he is just waiting for you to spout off in the news!