By Wendy Loskiin

'If it has a plug, Google must bug' and related warped sayings, refer to the fact that every web-site, video, internet drone, Loon balloon, Google Glass device, car, fiber cable, Google satellite, Google Home appliance...EVERYTHING, that Google has anything to do with.. performs surveillance on the public.

Google/Alphabet are not just dishing up a variety of high tech goodies. If you look closely you see that every one of the things that they do feeds back to Google's "Beast": the mega database that keeps files on every person, business, political party and ideology in the world.

Google is a radical left wing, pro-Israeli organization which only hires those who comply with the Google ideology. They think that selling all of our life data to every spy agency in the world is a "good thing". Nothing matters to them but their echo-chambered goal to create a single religious and economic system based on their personal beliefs. Those beliefs are certainly not tainted by their hookers, ill-gotten billions, political bribery and Frat House brain-washing....right?

Google's inside culture is the same as Scientology, the Rajneesh cult, hippie culture and other anti-social contrivances.

The billionaires who run Google have publicly stated that "there are only about six people in the world who can do amazing things and they are all personal friends with each other."  OK. So that's not sociopath, self-centered and cult-like demagoguery...right?

Google is more Waco, Texas farm cult than it is Armonk, New York IBM tech center.

Once Jared Cohen, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Sergy Brin discovered that nobody was going to stop them from buying unlimited prostitutes, senators, federal contracts and TED conferences...the world was their oyster.

The prostitutes and rent boys that they use, and abuse, say that these men hire them not for pleasure but in order to be able "to control another human without worrying about any repercussions." That is a sign of a true sociopath.

Google/Alphabet/YouTube bosses believe they are doing good as much as Hitler believed he was doing good with the Jews and the ovens thing. It is not possible for Larry Page and Eric Schmidt to comprehend how sick and evil they really are.

Jared Cohen, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Sergy Brin honestly believe that the crimes that they commit against society are "for the greater good and will only be appreciated a hundred years from now..."

They believe they are on a mission from God but the truth is that they are the devil in human form.