Google and Tesla Motors are partners in actual crimes

- Tesla's Crony Government Subsidies Are The Biggest Taxpayer Rape In History

- The Silicon Valley Mafia Soy Boys believe that driving a Tesla will offset their sexual inadequacies and that allowing Tesla to fail will hurt their political message points

- Anti-Tesla activists have tricked the Silicon Valley Mafia into dumping (and wasting) billions of dollars of their VC funds into Tesla stock to pump the NASDAQ valuation listings

- Scientific web data records now prove that Google hid all negative news about Musk and Tesla

Verifiable Facts Now Disclose an Epic Crime In Washington, DC!

Here are the facts, proven in news, law enforcement and public investigations:

** Thousands of articles discuss the possibility that Silicon Valley billionaires may be sociopaths, or otherwise deeply disturbed men who believe they are above the law. These kinds of people have been proven, in many past cases, to resort to extreme and criminal behavior without a second thought.

** Google and Tesla are run by Silicon Valley billionaires.

** Proven by web archives and metrics, the only company in the world that has had all of it's negative articles hidden by Google is Tesla.

** Proven by web archives and metrics, the only company in the world to own a majority, and covert, interest in Tesla is Google, via it's staff and owners.

** Internet records prove that the only company in the world to have it's press releases moved to P8 authority status by Google, even though concurrent negative coverage had a higher volume in every other search engine, and even though they were just Musk's press releases, is Tesla.

** Both Google and Tesla investors spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying for the invasion of Afghanistan and promoted white papers lauding “Trillions of dollars of lithium in Afghanistan” and “Afghanistan is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium”.

** More than any other companies on Earth, Google and Tesla are staged to make the most profits from mining deals in Afghanistan, particularly the mining of lithium, indium and related metals.

** Frank Guistra, Jacques Littlefield and a number of Russian oligarchs are all involved in big Middle East mining and funding Obama's Campaign and Hillary's campaign and got perks from the same in Government deals and were closely associated with Tesla and Google.

** Goldman Sachs is partners with Tesla and Google and made billions by skimming the very deals that crashed in the Steven Chu DOE give-away plus the Tesla and Google stock manipulations.

** Goldman Sachs has been charged with profiteering in the invasion of Afghanistan.

** Goldman Sachs has been charged with criminal-class commodities market manipulation of the very metals, being mined in Afghanistan, that Google and Tesla, Sachs partners, also profit from.

** Google's money guys and Tesla's money guys are either the SAME guys and/or all have financial relationships

** Google, Tesla and Goldman Sachs, using back-door, illicit cash transfer routes were the largest financiers of the Obama campaign.

** None of Elon Musk's companies would be in business without White House intervention and tens of billions of dollars of government handouts.

** In the HSBC “Swiss Leaks” Google, Tesla and White House staff were discovered to have had “slush funds”.

** The head of the Department of Energy, and his staff, were promoted for nomination by the investors of Google and Tesla, who he had a personal and financial beneficiary relationship with.

** Eric Schmidt, the head of Google, has spent more time in the White House dictating national policy and federal hiring decisions (for his own benefit) than all of Congress combined. Schmidt even ordered his staff, and business partners, to be placed in charge of the FCC and U.S. Patent Office.

** Attorney General Eric Holder was promoted for nomination by the investors of Google and Tesla, who he had a personal and financial beneficiary relationship with.

** The financiers of Tesla and Google use “Flash-Boy” algorithm stock market software manipulation services.

** After Steven Chu was thrown out of the Department of Energy for running a kick-back scheme to the very same people, a duplicate scheme was moved to the Department of Transportation to relay cash for “Driver-less Cars” with the core beneficiaries, again, being Google, Tesla and their owners.

** The Afghan failures have cost the U.S. Taxpayers over six trillion dollars and the publication: Pro-Publica, has disclosed a hot bed of corruption deals associated with Afghan kick-backs, that continue to escalate.

** Tesla and Google “driver-less car projects” have been exposed as simply another scam to try to exploit the already failing lithium mining market and deals, because those particular cars use vast amounts of lithium, the mining deals for which are owned by Google and Tesla owners.

** From 2007 to today, Google Internet records prove that Google manipulated election information and public perceptions in order to seek to swing the election to the Obama campaign.

** Thousands of other provable financial, covert stock ownership, family trust fund and shell company disclosures prove that the suspects had a covert, organized, illicit political and business program underway, that they concertedly crafted.


Tesla and Google owners must have funded the Obama election campaign in exchange for the promise of vast monopolies in Afghan mining deals to be exploited in their electric car and Solyndra-type holdings. It is true and verifiable that these three companies funded the campaign and only they got those benefits and all of their competitors were targeted and damaged by the Obama Administration, which has ordered federal investigators not to investigate the matter. This seems to confirm that a trillion dollar kick-back scam was operated by senior White House staff and is the subject of a White House-ordered cover-up.

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